Motorcycle Restorations

Motorcycle Restoration and Renovation

Motorcycle Restorations

Here at Anson Classic Restorations we have undertaken restorations on a wide range of motorcycles and sidecars – British, German, Italian and Japanese. From full to part restoration we can tailor the work to suit your budget. Just call us to discuss on 01509 502534.
Restoration services include the following:

  • Bead Blasting
  • Vapour Blasting
  • Polishing
  • Paintwork Services
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Alloy welding and repairs
  • Fabrication

Motorcycle Restoration is not just a physical process, its a passion, we love the transition from a box of parts or a rusty motorcycle which has been dug from the back of a shed and is looking worse for wear, to a fully functioning ridable motorcycle.

There are a few options that need to be considered when deciding to commission a restoration. First and foremost is what do you want from the bike?  You could want a bike to ride on a summer Sunday, or a bike to ride on a daily basis, a bike to show or just something to put in your living room.

Many of the bikes we restore have a sentimental value to somebody and we always take this into account when planning the restoration. Budget is always a factor, there are many things that will affect this. Mechanical condition is the major factor as some machines can have hidden problems, after all the bike was left untouched in a shed for a reason, as in our experience perfectly functioning bikes are rarely put away and forgotten about.

Call to discuss your ideas and we can advise the best way to achieve something that is right for you. After all its all not just about the bikes.

Anson Classic Restoration has restored many sidecars from coach-built alloy bodies to pressed steel and fibreglass . From Original 1950’s Steibs, Watsonian, Garrard, Swallow, Busmar, Canterbury, Kali to name a few. Please see our news page for some examples of our work.


Panther M45 Motorcycle Restorations

Panther M45 Motorcycle Restoration

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