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Sidecar fitting and alignment service

We would recommend that you have your sidecar outfit professionally checked on a regular basis to make sure that all fixings are tight and the sidecar is properly aligned. Many different factors affect the handling. You would be surprised the difference a realign makes! So if you have a wobble, a weave, a shake or shimmy or a scary pull to one side. Get it checked before its too late.

Sidecar Spares and Accessories

We stock a wide range of spares for your sidecar. From clamps to pop fasteners, shock absorbers to lighting units. If we don’t have it in stock we will get it for you and if we can’t do that we will make it. Please be aware that some of the items are getting hard to find now – but we will do our best to help with some of the rarer items.

Windscreen and glazing

Is you windscreen scratched or damaged? Gone cloudy, yellow or brittle. We can manufacture and fit a new crystal clear screen to keep the elements out.

We use materials that are anti shatter and non yellowing.

Upholstery and trim service

Anson Classic Restorations has its own in house trim and upholstery service. We can provide a full trim refurbishment service for your sidecar. Hoods and Tonneau covers, Seats and Trim panels carpets and rubber seals. All this can be undertaken in house by skilled staff with many years experience with sidecars.

MOT for sidecar outfits

We can MOT any kind of combination for you, as we fully understand the regulations set down by the Department of Transport in regards to Motorcycle and sidecar combinations.
We test a lot of combinations and we are aware of all the problems involved in testing outfits.